I was very concerned about my decision to switch over to Infusionsoft. I’d used another service for almost 20 years and did not look forward to having to learn another new technology. During our first session together I went from regretting my decision to being grateful. Thank to Jason and the team at Automation Agency for helping me with the on-boarding process. -Morgan Consultants

My experience was great! Automation Agency went above and beyond my expectations. They patiently explained how to do each step and made sure that I understood why certain things were important. They were very proactive about setting me up to be successful with Infusionsoft. I would highly recommend this company! -Jersey City Pain Management

I sometimes buy software for my company that seems like a great fit, but I never seem to learn it enough to serve us. Jason from Automation Agency did more for my understanding of Infusionsoft in out first hour than, I had gleaned in several years. Step by step, making sure I knew how to do it on my own bravo! -Social jumpstart

Fantastic experience – Automation Agency understood immediately what I was trying to achieve, and worked out a great automation approach to get me where I needed to be…in under an hour! Definitely my most valuable hour spent today, without a doubt. -Red Orchid Designs

Automation Agency is absolutely the best, highest integrity, most compassionate Social Media and Infusionsoft Implementation agency I have ever worked with. I have worked with over 50 implementation experts and managers from internet marketing to enterprise software, and Jason at Automation Agency is highly knowledgeable, incredibly patient, and in charge of the implementation plan. I am beyond happy with the results we received and it helped scale my company by 300%! Thank you so much!!! -Shivani Singh

Automation Agency is awesome! I’m glad we were able to work with you guys. It’s really great how easy your sharing platform was used. I never have any problem at all. Working with Infusionsoft is so much easier after working with Jason. I feel way more confident now and know that I will be successful using the software. Thanks again for helping us with the kickstart program and offering your future help when we need it. -Life Startup Essentials

Rhonda was very helpful and explained things in a way that was understandable. She really helped build a platform for me to start from with my automated needs. I was very happy with my time spent training. -Dimitriadis Real Estate

Jason was awesome. Worked his tail off to help me get a great Infusionsoft campaigns going. It was an awesome experience and I would highly recommend the Automation Agency to help you with your business! -Law Office of Jon G. Miller