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The Automation Agency is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner that is comprised of an elite group of digital marketers, social media experts, content curators, public relations advocates, copywriting specialists, and is the authority on marketing automation solutions.

portrait of Jason Benedict

Jason Benedict

Co-Owner/ Keap Certified Partner
portrait of Therese Benedict

Therese Benedict

Co-Owner/ #1 Best-Selling Author
a portrait of Darren Shirlaw

Darren Shirlaw

Growth Strategist
a photo of Sergio Valentin

Sergio Valentin

Keap Onboarding Manager & Keap Certified Coach
a black and white photo of Ian Jones

Ian Jones

Web Developer & Integrations Manager
a portrait of Jason Ziegler

Jason Ziegler

Keap Coach/Digital Marketing Strategist
a portrait of Sue Paananen

Sue Paananen

Project Manager & Keap Certified Coach
a portrait of Dawn Howell

Dawn Howell

Keap Coach & Digital Marketing Strategist
A portrait of Meredith Case

Meredith Case

Private Client Team Lead
An photo of Ashley riding a horse

Ashley Crumpton

Keap Coach & Digital Marketing Strategist
photo of Fran Spelgatti

Fran Spelgatti

Keap Coach & Digital Marketing Strategist
a portait of Sonia Turnbull

Sonia Turnbull

Marketing and Brand Specialist
a portrait of Mark Leilan Tanglao

Mark Leilan Tanglao

Technical Support Representative
a portrait of Valerie Nicole

Valerie Nicole

Promotions Assistant
a portrait of Sara Bolton

Sara Bolton

Editorial Assistant

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