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Social Media Marketing Case Study

In this case study you will learn how the Automation Agency successfully created, launched and managed a strategic marketing campaign that generated over $615,000.00 in sales in less than 6 months. By leveraging the Automation Agency’s award-winning coaching, email marketing, video marketing, marketing automation, chat bots, and social media advertising strategies Showball Baseball was able to achieve their goal of selling out their first baseball camp of the 2019 season, while securing over 470 camp registrations for their upcoming events.

About Showball Baseball

Showball Baseball Head Coach Camps

Showball Baseball offers high school baseball players a unique opportunity to interact with, and showcase their talents to, decision-making coaches from the most diverse group of colleges in the United States. What makes Showball unique and significantly better than all the rest is Showball’s dedication to providing student athletes the best opportunities to realize their dreams of playing college and even professional baseball. This dedication to hosting the highest quality camps is evident by the 50-100 decision-making college coaches that are hand selected to attend each one of our events.

Coaches on a Facebook Video Ad
Showball Pitching

Marketing Objective

The primary objective for the marketing campaign was to increase online exposure, generate leads, and secure camp registrations for each of the upcoming baseball camps.

Showball Batter

Initial Challenge

Showball approached the Automation Agency with the goal of launching a 6-month social media marketing campaign to promote the sale of their upcoming baseball camps. With a short timeline and a limited budget the Automation Agency used its award-winning strategies to create a marketing campaign that delivered impressive results.


Before starting any work or making any recommendations the Automation Agency did an in-depth assessment of Showball Baseball to determine what their SWOTs (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) were. Analysis of the company’s current marketing strategy and previous shortcomings allowed us to define our target demographics. During the analysis we identified that Showball Baseball had low social media engagement and exposure due to the fact that they were not utilizing targeted social media campaigns and were only marketing seasonally to generate sales.

SWOT Analysis

Our Approach

Before creating any paid ads or driving traffic we needed to create an effective and streamlined process for attracting new leads and properly following up with each prospect. So, the Automation Agency began by creating a strategic email marketing automation campaign (leveraging Infusionsoft) that included an automated series of marketing emails, landing pages and online order forms to encourage a seamless user/buying experience.

Once the campaign was set up we then helped Showball to organize their email list by level of engagement (Opens, Clicks, & Non-Opens). This revealed some unique opportunities to target a staggering list of their non-engaged email subscribers through a series of social media ads (using Facebook custom audience targeting). We also discovered that Showball was over-communicating the same messages about the upcoming camps through email blasts, which was affecting email deliverability and open rates.

While the bulk of Showball’s email database was student-athletes we knew that the parents were the actual decision makers and would yield the greatest return on our time and investment.

So, we created an A/B Split Test using Facebook “Click To Messenger Ads” (leveraging Facebook Messenger) that targeted both parents and student-athletes to prove our hypothesis. At the request of Showball we also ran these ads on Instagram to help student-athletes gain awareness of the upcoming baseball camps. Shortly after launching the campaign it became apparent which ad sets and audience was out-performing the other.

Now that we knew which audience was delivering the greatest ROI, we then honed in our messaging and began creating a series of custom video ads that included story-text, motion text, animation, and B-roll compilation videos from actual camp footage to drive increased exposure, engagement, click-throughs, leads and sales for Showball Baseball.

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Automation Agency executed several paid social media campaigns that utilized image ads, video ads, and User Story Text ads to boost targeted lead traffic and developed automated Facebook Messenger bots, and targeted and automated follow-up email campaigns to increase engagement of targeted leads and ultimately lead to increased paid registrants.

Facebook Video Ad
Screenshot of Facebook Video Ad
Showball ManyChat Sequence
Showball ManyChat Sequence
Showball ManyChat 6-Month
Screenshot of ManyChat Subscriber Growth over 6 months

Video Ad Creatives

Video ads were created and used during Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns

Contest Creation & Implementation

To continually optimize the social media ads and increase ROI, the Automation Agency created a Free Enter-To-Win giveaway that ran on a 30 day cycle. This Enter-To-Win contest included landing pages, social media posts, social media chat bots that pushed registrants through an automated chat sequence. Contestants had the chance to WIN a Free Glove or a Free Camp. Surprisingly the FREE Glove giveaway out-performed the Free Camp Contest. Yet, another reason why we split test all advertising campaigns.

Enter-To-Win Free Glove Infusionsoft Campaign
Enter-To-Win Free Glove Campaign
ManyChat Bot Statistics
ManyChat Bot Statistics

Landing Page Creation & Optimization

In order to provide the most relevant and unique experience (for each prospect that was generated) we created a series of landing pages and follow up emails that helped us to capture new leads, segment those leads into warm prospects (using an RSVP page), which then converted those prospects into hot buyers that automatically encouraged them to purchase their tickets online, which helped reduce manual payment processing and administrative time.

Enter-To-Win Free Baseball Glove Contest Landing Page
Enter-To-Win Free Baseball Glove Contest Landing Page
Showball Baseball Head Coach Camp Landing Page
Showball Baseball Head Coach Camp Landing Page

Automated Email Follow-Up

To increase exposure and drive further engagement after a lead was generated, the Automation Agency developed a fully automated and dynamic follow up email campaign that segmented registrants by region and continuously pushed new leads to RSVP for one of the baseball camps in their area. Once they RSVP'd they would then be encouraged to purchase the camp through a series of emails driving them to pay for the camp fees. This automated email campaign was designed to nurture, educate, and build trust between Showball and the camp rsvp's with an end goal of purchasing a ticket to the camp. We used both text-based emails (to make it look extremely personalized) along with more graphical emails that included images & videos.

Automation Agency Email Template
Automation Agency Email Template
Automation Agency Email Infusionsoft Campaign
Automation Agency Automated Email Campaign

The Results

Increased Overall Traffic, Engagement, Cost-Per-Click (CPC), & Conversions

With our award-winning coaching, training, and integrated marketing management on behalf of the Automation Agency along with continual analysis & smart budget allocation we were able to generate over $615,000 in gross revenue sales for Showball Baseball in less than six months. Not to mention over 2.3 Million impressions, and nearly 25,000 clicks, at just $.28 cents per click.

Showball 6 Month Facebook Campaigns
Screenshot of Paid Facebook Ad Results after 6 months
Automation Agency Logo

Overall Social Media Traffic improved by 77%

Traffic to Site increased by 45%

Overall Social Engagement increased dramatically by 400%

Average Cost-Per-Click at $.28 with lowest CPC coming in at $.20

Over 470 Registrations resulting in multiple sold out camps

Generated over $615,000.00 in sales in just 6 months!