brandon clark in client spotlight inteview with jason benedict

As a first-generation black entrepreneur, Brandon Anthony Clark wasn’t always living his dream. In fact, he was living day-to-day in what he called his “regular job” that was a means to an end.

“I just wasn’t living the type of lifestyle that I had imagined living as a kid growing up, because I wanted to be a professional athlete (football player to be more specific). And, one day I’m 28 years old, and I’m working at my regular job. And I’m like, wait a minute, how did I get here. I’m not driving what I want to drive, I’m not living where I want to live, I’m not doing anything that I want to do. I’m literally just going to a job, living paycheck to paycheck – living for the weekends, for football, sports, and to get away from real life. So, I had to make some different decisions,” said Clark.

Fast-forward a few years and Brandon is now the owner of Thrive Wealth Solutions, who teaches everyday people his patent pending F.L.I.P Method that helps him and his clients to obtain more wealth through a unique life insurance investment policy.

“I had never in my life thought that I would be selling life insurance for a living, right, because I’m not even a good salesman at that,” Clark added.

When asked to explain what the F.L.I.P method is, Clark stated “The simplest way I could put it is – imagine you had this credit card, and this credit card paid you an average of 3% cashback on every single thing that you purchase, for the rest of your life. That’s what the F.L.I.P method is … Basically, what we do is we take a life insurance policy, (not something that a lot of people are, let’s say familiar with, in terms of using a strategy like this). But to keep it simple, all we do is we take the life insurance policy, and we structure it in a way that allows you to be able to use your cash as collateral and borrow against your own money.”

As you pay money into your policy, it’s like paying money towards a mortgage. As you pay your mortgage down you are creating equity in your house, right, and that equity can be tapped into it anytime. So, we’re taking that same concept, but we’re applying it to a life insurance policy that provides many tax advantages.

Brandon not only used this F.L.I.P method to create wealth for himself, but says it works for nearly anyone looking to secure their financial future.

While Brandon is living his dream life he is also no stranger to the challenges of starting and growing a small business.

“There’s a lot of legwork involved in running a business, especially when you’re first starting out,” he says. “It can be tough to keep track of everything, from sales and marketing to customer service and operations.”

That’s why Brandon decided to leverage Keap CRM & Automation Agency to help organize and automate his small business.

“I remember a point in my business where I wasn’t busy, I’d keep track of everything. I literally had a piece of paper that I would write down what I needed to do the next day, maybe five tasks, maybe 10 at the max, and I would fill up my whole day, and I have downtime. But once I started growing, the business started growing, more people started reaching out and tasks and other things started getting left behind. There were just too many tasks to put on a piece of paper. And I knew then that I was in trouble. I needed to be able to either hire somebody or develop a system that can do the repetitive tasks, the things that I don’t like doing,” Clark added.

So, Brandon decided to do both. By hiring the Automation Agency, a growth agency located in Tempe, Arizona, Brandon was able to get organized, save time, and automate many repetitive tasks after purchasing the Automation Agency’s flowchart and funnel diagram service.

When asked about Brandon’s experience with the Automation Agency, he stated “I feel like this is the best money I’ve ever invested, you know, best money I’ve ever invested. I’m naturally not a very structured person. You know, I’m more of a creative person. But when you guys were able to sit me down and ask me all these questions about my processes, questions that I didn’t even really know should be asked – you asked. And basically you were able to take that information and plug it into my flowchart. And when I saw the flowchart, I was just so impressed. I was showing everybody – like I’ve got another partner who wants to experiment with the Keap CRM system. And I showed him the flowchart, he said, Man that is “Elite,” just the start to finish.”

In order to scale his business and continue delivering high-quality work to his clients, Brandon and his team began to use the Keap CRM solution that the Automation Agency customized to their specific needs. With Keap, he is able to manage his contact lists, create and send email campaigns, set up appointments and reminders, collect payments, track his progress towards sales goals, and much more. All of these features have helped him save time so he can focus on growing his business.

“It felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. And what I experienced with you guys (Automation Agency) is just your level of knowledge, I just knew it was gonna be good, just because of how I was, I came into contact with you, I know you guys were gonna be just great. Everything from start to finish was outstanding,” added Clark.

As a young, inspiring, black entrepreneur, Brandon has always had a servant’s heart that wants to give back to others. When asked about what advice he might provide to other young professionals not living their dream or those who want to start a small business, said

“I would tell them that they will never be successful or make more money than they believe that they can make. So, the first work that you gotta do is work on your own personal attitude. Before you go out and try to change – just know that as your personal attitude gets better, as you grow as a person, that your income will grow. And you can serve more people because that’s what it’s all about. Serving more people. In order to serve more, you have to become more. It’s that simple.”

When Brandon is not inspiring other young professionals or creating TikTok videos or YouTube videos on his patent pending F.L.I.P method, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.

As a small business owner of a rapidly growing company, Brandon knows that he can’t do everything himself. He also knows that his time is valuable and that he needs to be strategic about how he spends it. That’s why he decided to leverage the power of automation by using Keap CRM. By automating tasks like email marketing, lead capture, and appointment scheduling, Brandon has been able to free up time with his family so that he can focus on running his business and making sure that his customers are happy.

However, Brandon isn’t the only one who has benefited from automation. His customers have also appreciated the fact that they can schedule appointments and make purchases without having to talk to a live person. This convenience has helped Brandon build a loyal customer base who keep coming back for more advice.

Thanks to the Automation Agency and the Keap CRM, Brandon has been able to streamline his business and make it more efficient. He is now better positioned than ever to continue growing his business and achieving even more success in the future. As he looks towards the future, Brandon is confident that automation will continue to be an important part of his business and help him scale to new heights.

“What the Automation Agency has done for me is give me a system that I want to imitate, like, the way you guys work with me, Jason, I was like, man, if I could take my clients through the same system, or that process. I love your guys’ process, it just is everything that I want in my business to where we’re working as a team, right. But then I can just kind of be hands off and just step in when I need to step in and just help our team members, you know, get the job done for our clients, right. But it’s been awesome. Definitely saving some time already,” added Clark.

Brandon Anthony Clark is proof that the American dream is still alive and well. By leveraging the power of automation with Keap CRM, Brandon has been able not only to build a successful business, but also inspire other young black entrepreneurs to pursue their own dreams. We’re excited to see what Brandon will do next!

If you’re a small business owner who is looking for ways to automate your business, then Keap CRM is definitely worth considering. Thanks to its powerful automation tools and robust reporting features, Keap CRM has helped first-generation black entrepreneur Brandon Anthony Clark save time and grow his business. To learn more about how Keap CRM can help your business, schedule a demo today.