How To Use Marketing Automation to Grow Sales & Enjoy More Freedom From Your Small Business.

For many entrepreneurs, marketing automation is the key to unlocking major growth opportunities in their business. When approached strategically, automation gives business owners more control and efficiency in their operations, allowing them to focus on what really matters: growing their business. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to use automation and why it’s an essential tool for success. If you are a busy business owner who dreams of significantly growing your company, keep reading to discover all of the amazing benefits you can achieve from working with automation!

Marketing automation has quickly become the most important tool for small business owners in almost every vertical. It’s a great way to save time and effort while simultaneously gaining valuable insight into the likes and interests of both customers and prospects. With marketing automation, you can achieve clear and measurable results with simple sales and marketing campaigns that include personalized follow up emails, happy birthday campaigns, re-engagement campaigns, lead generation, social media posts, and much more.

In a recent interview, Automation AgencyCo-Founder, Jason Benedict, talks about how marketing automation has transformed the lives of the thousands  of business owners that he has worked with. “Marketing automation is literally the backbone of our business. We coach, train, and onboard about a hundred small businesses every month using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform called Keap. Automation Agency is Keap Certified Partner, which means that everyone on our team is an expert at using and implementing the marketing automation software. We are automation evangelists; We absolutely love it! We use it very successfully in our own business. We eat, sleep, drink and breathe automation, but without losing the personal human element and relationship with each prospect and client!”

The Automation Agency teaches their clients their C3 Growth Framework, a proven and tested process that helps business owners  to consistently grow sales by focusing on three main growth engines: collecting leads, converting clients, and creating fans. The C3 Growth Framework, developed by Jason & Therese Benedict, ensures that businesses are able to create a frictionless and personalized experience for customers so they keep coming back again and again! To help businesses identify their biggest challenges, gaps, and opportunities for growth the Automation Agency has created a free assessment tool called the C3 Quiz

Founded in 2014, the Automation Agency has experienced exponential growth in the last three years as companies have invested more and more into their digital strategies since the pandemic.  Their well-rounded team of experts specializes in all things digital marketing: email acquisition, cold list marketing, email marketing, lead generation, copywriting, reputation management, social media marketing, integrations, website development, and much more! Their true passion is tying it all together with automation.

Utilizing automation to unlock growth in your businesses will ensure that you connect with your contacts during the most important touchpoints in the customer journey. This includes following up with current clients, reaching out to prospects, gathering information, and patching up any gaps you may have in the sales process.

The Automation Agency begins this process by launching a deep dive into businesses and mapping out their customer journeys. We call this first step a Flowchart or a Funnel Diagram. The Flowchart is a visual representation of how your company wants to take its customers through one of the categories in the C3 Framework (collecting leads, converting clients, or creating fans). Mapping out the full process and doing a series of discovery meetings makes sure to identify and fix any gaps that may be holding a business back from achieving more growth.

The Automation Agency Team loves getting to know new business owners and learning about their processes, all while creating an unforgettable impact. From providing professional copywriting  to finding the perfect timing to send automated messages, to utilizing SMS or voicemail drops – they have it all covered!

One of the Automation Agency’s most popular solutions for busy entrepreneurs is their innovative LinkedIn automation solution. It empowers business owners to save time and get the most out of their online presence. Through the revolutionary BEEP Method (Build, Engage, Educate & Promote), this powerful tool enables company leaders to connect with their target audience in an effective, yet personal way. Thus, freeing up resources for activities like engaging current customers or hosting webinars.

Automation is one of the most useful tools at any business’s disposal today, but many business owners don’t realize just how much they could be benefiting from its use. From providing better customer service at scale and tracking ROI across multiple channels, automating certain processes can help your business save time and money, all while delivering top-notch results. If you’re looking for ways to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality or accuracy, then automation is definitely worth exploring!

Start today by taking the C3 Quiz. 

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