Project Fees vs Hourly Rates: 7 Reasons Why Project Fees are in the Best Interest of the Client

As a business owner, you want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your marketing and automation needs. That’s why at Automation Agency, we offer project fees instead of hourly rates.

We firmly believe that this is in the best interest of our clients and provides them with the most value for their investment. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why we offer project fees and how this benefits you as a client.

1. No Surprises

When you engage with the Automation Agency, transparency is key. We pride ourselves on providing you with a comprehensive scope of work alongside a fixed project fee right from the outset. This is one reason why we encourage most of our private clients to start with a Flowchart & Funnel Diagram. This ensures that you’re fully aware of what you’re investing in, eliminating any unwelcome surprises or unanticipated expenses as the project progresses. You can embark on your sales and marketing automation development with peace of mind, knowing that your budget is locked in and won’t be impacted by unexpected hourly charges. This means that you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for from the beginning, with no surprise expenses or extra costs down the line.

2. Focus on Quality

Our team of seasoned growth experts and marketing automation architects are committed to delivering top-notch work that generates tangible outcomes for your business. With project-based pricing, we’re able to devote the necessary time and energy to perfect every facet of your project without being hindered by tracking hours. Our undivided attention is directed towards producing the best results possible, without the concern of ticking clocks or hourly quotas allowing our team to produce high-quality work that delivers real results for your business.

3. More Flexibility

The flexibility that project fees afford us is directly beneficial to you. It allows us to tailor our approach based on your evolving needs and preferences. If a change in strategy or an adjustment in priorities becomes necessary, we have the agility to reallocate resources swiftly and identify if there are any additional fees necessary. This ensures that the end product not only meets but exceeds your expectations, adapting to any shifts in your project requirements. With project fees, we can be more flexible in our approach. This means we’re able to adjust our resources and priorities as needed to make sure we’re delivering the best possible outcome for our clients.

4. More Efficient

Embracing project-based fees empowers us to optimize our workflows and work more efficiently. Unlike hourly billing, which can inadvertently encourage slower work to accrue more hours, project fees encourage us to work smarter and more streamlined. This results in quicker project completion times, reduced complexities, and fewer disruptions, enabling you to witness the results of our labor sooner. Ultimately by using project fees, we’re able to streamline our processes and work more efficiently. This means getting your project completed faster and with fewer complications or delays.

5. No Hidden Costs

Hourly billing models sometimes hide unforeseen costs within their fine print, surprising clients with expenses that weren’t initially apparent. By opting for project fees, you can put these concerns to rest. Your invoice remains transparent, free from hidden fees or charges. You can have confidence that the price you agreed upon at the outset is the only cost you’ll encounter, contributing to a more predictable and stress-free financial experience. Whereas hourly billing can often come with hidden costs that you’re not aware of until they appear on your invoice. With project fees, you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses that impact your budget.

6. Predictability

Predictability is paramount for effective budgeting and planning. By agreeing to a project fee, you gain a clear understanding of the financial commitment required for your marketing and automation initiatives. This predictability empowers you to allocate resources appropriately, knowing that your project won’t deviate from the pre-established budget. This financial stability fosters a sense of trust and partnership between you and the Automation Agency.

By agreeing to a project fee, you’ll get a predictable cost that’s easy to budget for and plan around. This means you can plan for your marketing and automation needs with confidence, without worrying about unexpected expenses.

7. Results-Oriented

Our philosophy centers around delivering outcomes that truly impact your business. Project fees align perfectly with this philosophy, as they shift the focus from mere task completion to measurable results. Our collaboration revolves around achieving quantifiable benefits for your business. Every effort we invest is geared towards producing value that goes beyond the project itself, making project fees an investment in your business’s growth and success.

Ultimately, we believe that project fees are in the best interest of the client because they focus on results. We’re not just completing tasks for the sake of completing tasks – we’re working to deliver measurable results that will help provide real value to your business.


At Automation Agency, our steadfast belief in the superiority of project fees stems from the myriad of advantages they extend to our clients. By offering upfront clarity, unwavering quality, flexibility, efficiency, and cost transparency, we create an environment of trust and collaboration.

We’re dedicated to proving that the value of your investment isn’t just in our services but also in the confidence, assurance, and results that come with project-based pricing.

If you’re ready to experience the transformative benefits of project fees first hand then keep reading to learn more.

There are two main ways in which service companies can charge their clients.

(1) is Time Based fees.
(2) is Project fees.

There are arguments on both sides.

At the Automation Agency we have tried both, and by far the best results for both parties is Project Fees. It may be just our experience of trying both, but we believe the client gets a way better result using project fee philosophy and if the client gets a better result we trust that we will too.

And so what does project fees or fixed fees charging mean?

The agency must fix and agree a price for their work upfront to deliver an entire project. If the project runs over then it is the agency that pays the price for being inefficient not the client.

That’s a massive advantage to the client.

If we say we will build a client a full sales automation system to help them attract a lot more clients then that is exactly what we must build for the client. We can’t cut any corners, we must deliver.

For the client it means:

Faster – we are incentivized to deliver the project as quickly as we can and so we always work faster, the client gets the system working for them sooner.

Time based fees encourage service providers to keep projects running for as long as they can, while we deliver projects in four to six weeks we had experiences of people coming to us stating that it has taken an agency over six months to deliver projects. Clients pay for something, they want it installed as quickly as they can.

Quality – not only do we deliver faster but we must deliver the highest quality, because we are incentivized to be more efficient in our work. When we are not it is our agency that pays the cost or inefficiency, not the client. It means the Automation Agency employs the very best people in the industry, because we want them working quickly, being efficient and also doing the job right. It means you, the customer, get the very best.

We love building automation systems for businesses, it helps make them more money because they are more efficient and it helps them grow because they are able to attract a lot more clientele to their business. We have now proudly built systems for over 5,000 businesses running the philosophy of delivering to you the highest quality in the quickest time possible.

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